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Photo Canvas Decorating Ideas

Do you have a place in your home or office that could really use a work of art, but your budget just doesn’t afford the thousands it would take?  Consider the various photo canvas decorating ideas available.  With a canvas photo you can take any photo and create your very own work of art, whether it is of a beautiful mountain stream to soften the feeling in your living room, or something more modern like an image of sweeping skyscrapers in your office or den.  Images can be powerful and by putting the image on canvas the image comes alive, more striking, and more vibrant – creating more of an impact on the viewer.

Business examples for photo canvas decorating ideas include everything from demonstrating your work to highlighting your logo.  Your Architectural firm could use pictures of you work to create more than just a photo, but energetic “paintings” of your accomplishments.  A doctor or dentist might choose smiling faces to put in their office as a way to calm the atmosphere for their patients. Think about your logo and how impressive it would look in a variety of forms hung on the wall.  All of a sudden your logo isn’t just an advertising gimmick, but feels established, more permanent as a canvas photo.  Regardless of the office space, choosing your own photos for a canvas print means the artwork you are hanging is yours – your business is unique and the pictures on your walls signify just that.

At home it is always nice to have pictures of the family, but there is always one that deserves more, perhaps a graduation or a wedding.  A canvas photo can be displayed prominently giving the photo the place of honor it deserves.  Other home photo canvas decorating ideas are taking pictures of a variety of flowers to brighten up the kitchen, or bathroom. Your kids would love having an artistic photo of them to hang it their room.   Think about that great vista photo you took on vacation.  Wouldn’t that look great in the dining or living room?  Not only would it liven up the space it would bring back all those wonderful memories every time you walked into the room.

There are hundreds more photo canvas decorating ideas limited only by the space you have and the pictures you want to display.  Make your space truly your space with a photo canvas.

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Posted on September 17, 2009 at 10:29am EDT
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