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Satisfied & Saying So

We have had five different prints made. Each of them has a very special reason for memorializing family events using photography on canvas.

Print one, my first contact with your service based on recommendations by my scrapping and photography pals alike:

1- My son is a full time college senior, a full-time videographer for a FOX affiliate in MI, AND has the time to start an on-line photography sales site of his digital prints.

I commemorated the first interest in his work by outside public by having that print created. Unfortunately, she died before she could receive it as a Thank you gift from her for believing in him enough to start Burd’s Eye Photography. (it now hangs in a very special place in his office.)

2- I ordered a print for his Grand Opening, as a gift from Mom to Son saying “Fly my son, I believe in you.( it was a great print and I learned to trust your website recommendations on sizing!)

3 , 4 & 5- are just as personal and so very special, they are prints of our “other kids, Fur-kids“.

Two of them are giant breed, Newfoundlands 10 & 12 years old. Eliza & Chunk and Casey.  The other one is 12 years old. We made the mistake with our first Newf of not having “End of Life” photos taken and vowed never to let that happen again. The prints were a surprise Christmas gift for my hubs. He and I were delighted to see the outcome and became strong advocates of Canvas People that very minute!

As you can see each print I purchased was to commemorate an important event in our families’ life. You have earned the position of printer for our family in the future!

(And I didn’t even mention the list of grand-children’s prints yet to send to you!) I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Customer service, which assured me the prints would be here before Christmas, AND THEY WERE!

And the shipping, every time I order I am amazed at the speed in which they arrived!


The one print was delayed due to the holiday load, and I was quickly notified, in enough time that I could plan for the holiday, I didn’t need to tho it wasn’t a gift. I thanked you tho for your concern.

I foresee a long and lasting relationship between us!

Satisfied and Saying so!  — Tami “Nana” B

Posted on March 5, 2012 at 2:58pm EDT
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