Black & White Canvases on Wall

Wall Gallery Ideas for Every Room in the House

Thinking of creating a wall gallery in your house? We’ve found some of the best ideas for every room of the house on Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing for your next project. A great idea for your living room. Black & white groupings work with every wall color and never go out of [...]


Skyline Shots

If you have ever visited a major city, then chances are you’ve snapped at least one photo of it’s amazing skyline. These type of shots look great! Get this look in your home now! Upload your own photo or get this one here Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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Restore Sentimentality Back Into Photography

Ever since the arrival of the digital camera and particularly the camera phone, it seems the whole world is now taking photographs on a constant basis. This has been paired with the arrival of online sites which allow us to share and view other peoples photograph’s such as Facebook, which has also played a huge [...]


Convert Kids Artwork to Canvas Pieces

Check out what one of our CanvasPeople fans from Facebook did! “I ordered two canvases of my kids and got them this week. They look fabulous! I am actually now planning on converting my kids artwork to canvas pieces to decorate their walls!” What a cool idea! Converting kids artwork to canvas!  Have you done [...]

Hidden Freebie 9.16.11

LOOK AT YOU! You found the Hidden Freebie code! T53WPQ26 Now…be the first to use it to win a FREE 11×14 canvas! Hurry, the coupon is only good for 1 use. When it’s used, it’s gone, so be first! If YOU are the first, please post on our wall that you have won! Here’s the [...]

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10 Photo Ideas to Warm up Your Living Room

1) Nothing is as inviting as great pictures around the house. Pictures help create that intimate feel you’re looking for. They’re the perfect living room décor to help warm up your living room. 2) Find a style that makes you comfortable. Do you want an artsy feel, a more structured look, or do you like the casual feel [...]


10 Beautiful Art Works to Hang in Your Bedroom – Personalizing Your Space

It can easily be said that the bedroom is the most personal room in a house, ad as well it should be. A photo canvas is a great way to decorate this space, and below are 10 great ideas for great shots that can be turned into canvas prints for your bedroom. 1 – Impressive [...]

Decorating Your Living Room with Canvas Photos – Bringing the Family into Your Family Room

Your living room is a very public space for your family. Over the years, it will likely play host to countless family nights, holiday celebrations and social events. With this in mind, you could spend untold hours decorating it, trying to find the perfect pieces that will bring your room together just so. If you [...]

Top 10 Family Memories to Print on Canvas

It goes without saying that there are some moments in the life of every family that absolutely need to be immortalized in pictures. A great way to display those memories is by having them turned into canvas prints. The following is a list of great moments to make into a photo canvas: 1 – The [...]

Photo Gifts – Canvas Prints are Great for Every Occasion

Just about everyone appreciates receiving a present that has thought and sentiment behind it.  It is not an impossible task to find a gift that will be cherished and won’t be a drain on your bank account.  Give photo gifts on canvas prints. These gifts will let the recipient know that you took the time [...]