Happiness is Homemade

What is happiness to you?! Do you know someone who could use this canvas print with ‘Happiness is Homeade’ on it?! Get it! http://bit.ly/lCuZsA Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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Perfect Family Gift Idea

Looking for the perfect family gift idea? Why not make a collage of canvas prints on your living room wall? Do you like photo collage decor? Get started! http://bit.ly/lCuZsA Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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Restore Sentimentality Back Into Photography

Ever since the arrival of the digital camera and particularly the camera phone, it seems the whole world is now taking photographs on a constant basis. This has been paired with the arrival of online sites which allow us to share and view other peoples photograph’s such as Facebook, which has also played a huge [...]


Convert Kids Artwork to Canvas Pieces

Check out what one of our CanvasPeople fans from Facebook did! “I ordered two canvases of my kids and got them this week. They look fabulous! I am actually now planning on converting my kids artwork to canvas pieces to decorate their walls!” What a cool idea! Converting kids artwork to canvas!  Have you done [...]


Great Wedding Gifts – Photo Portraits of Wedding Photos

Wedding gifts can sometimes feel a little routine. The bride and groom-to-be go and register at a few different places, send out registry cards, and the attendees choose something from the list to purchase (not that there’s anything wrong with this) After all they are a new married couple, and there’s a lot of stuff to buy when [...]

10 Photo Ideas You’ll Love on Canvas – Turning Your Snapshots Into works of Art

If the idea of a photo canvas appeals to you, but you are not sure where to start and what to print, then perhaps these ideas can help you find inspiration. 1 – The first day of school. A great way to both decorate a home and commemorate an important milestone in your child’s life, [...]

Canvas Prints Make Great Birthday Gifts – Happy Birthday to Anyone!

Looking for the perfect way to wish a happy birthday to just about anyone? Not sure what to get for the guy or girl who “has everything”? Trying to find a gift that is just as special as the birthday guy or gal? Finding just the right gift can be a real challenge. Finding a [...]

How to Create Lasting Memories with Photos – Bringing Your Photos to Life

One of the greatest luxuries and advantages of our time is the widespread ability to capture the big and small moments of our life in photos quickly, easily and inexpensively, thanks to digital photography. Most every household in the country has at least one or two memory cards and perhaps even a good portion of [...]

Personalized Photo Gifts Are Special – Never Worry That Your Present Will Be Re-Gifted Again

It has been said again and again that it is the thought that counts, when it comes to gifts. And while this is fundamentally true, it is also a known fact that some gifts just stink, regardless of the thought. Nobody likes to give or receive a gift that is a stinker, but sometimes it [...]

Photo Gifts Are Perfect for Anniversary Gifts – A Gift of Love

An anniversary is a very special occasion. Like all special occasions, you want to mark them with a celebration, and a gift, but it can be hard to decide what to get for your spouse or for the happy couple. You want a present that both people will enjoy and appreciate. One that will make [...]