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Canvas-Ready Photos Thanks to Instagram!

It seems that more people are taking pictures with their smartphones than with cameras these days. It’s not hard to believe since most of us don’t leave our homes without our cellphones. They’re always on hand to capture memories. But sometimes those photos can be underwhelming. So how do you edit a photo quickly and [...]

Create Striking Canvas Prints with Pop Art Effect

In recent years, canvas prints have become increasingly popular as homeowners enjoy more choice.  CanvasPeople canvases offers customers a wide range of designer custom effects including the well-known Pop Art style. This effect gives homeowners more choice when it comes to creating a unique and striking canvas print. The Pop Art effect has proven popular [...]

10 Professional Photographer Tips – How to Take Great Pictures

Just for fun or as a business, photography is a rewarding creative outlet. But how do you move from being a regular, run of the mill photographer to someone who can really capture the heart of whatever it is you may be photographing? For starters, seek out professional photography tips. Here are a few to [...]

How to Take Beautiful Outdoor Photography – Capture Nature’s Glory

I personally favor outdoor photography. Not that I don’t enjoy indoor photography but I guess I’m more of a nature person and I love the feel of outdoor pictures. Both amateurs and pros will agree that the vast array of options with the outdoors makes it very appealing. There’s so much freedom and the sky is the [...]

How to Create Lasting Memories with Photos – Bringing Your Photos to Life

One of the greatest luxuries and advantages of our time is the widespread ability to capture the big and small moments of our life in photos quickly, easily and inexpensively, thanks to digital photography. Most every household in the country has at least one or two memory cards and perhaps even a good portion of [...]

How to Enhance Your Photos for Canvas Prints – Making Lasting Memories Even More Memorable

One of the hottest new trends in digital photography has absolutely nothing to do with what kind of camera or memory card you are using. More and more people are taking digital photos and having them turned into works of art, that are perfect for giving as gifts by having them made into canvas prints. [...]

Photography Tips for Beautiful Photos – Taking Shots That Look Like A Million Dollars

Not so long ago, expensive cameras, costly film and pricey processing left the average person without any real chance of capturing great moments on film. The world of digital photography has changed all of that. Cameras are affordable, film is unnecessary, and pictures can be printed up for just pennies a piece. Better than that, [...]

Pop Art Your Photo on Canvas prints

Transform Your Photos to Pop Art with Canvas Prints You can transform your photos to Pop Art printed on canvas and ready to hang for as little as $19.95. Andy Warhol made Pop Art famous. He painted everyday items such as Campbell’s soup cans and turned them into pop icons. Some of his most famous [...]

Canvas Printing Options at

What Options Are Available When you Print Photos on Canvas? If you have always wanted a canvas photo, but felt you just didn’t have the right space in your home for one, consider all the various options you have when printing photos on canvas. You have a lot to choose from when you work with [...]

5 Photography Tips for Printing Your Photo on Canvas

Printing your photos on canvas is a great way to display that perfect photograph. Thanks to digital photography, we are all getting the chance to explore the art of photography. To create shots that are good enough to be blown up and framed you should follow these few simple guidelines. Be Sociable, Share! Tweet