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These Legos Have Been On The Adventure Of A Lifetime

Traveling the world is full of wonderful experiences. You learn so many new things once you immerse yourself in a new culture. Craig and Lindsey, from Scotland, are lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel the globe. These two Scots are also known as the Lego Travellers, and they have just adopted a new Lego personas.

“We like to travel as much as we can, and when we go somewhere new, Lindsey always has the camera and I carry the map and a bag with our things,” said Craig told Mashable.

Back in 2012 Craig found his old Lego collection at his mother’s and came up with the perfect use for them.”I made two Lego figures to represent [me and Lindsey], and that was the first gift I gave Lindsey when we were in Paris for her 30th [birthday]. When we were out sightseeing, we took a few pictures of Lego ‘us,’ with the main tourist sights in the background and joked about making a Facebook page.”

You can check out all the amazing places Craig and Lindsey have been through the eyes of Legos…

lego travel photography
Adelaide, South Australia

Such a beautiful day for a bike ride!

Via: mashable

Posted on March 23, 2015 at 8:00am EDT
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Instagrammer of the Week: @adamsenatori

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