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A Photographer Is Helping Shelters Dog With These Amazing Photos

There is nothing more heartbreaking than those commercials with all the dogs and cats starving to deaths in shelters. Photographer, Stuart Holroyd, hates seeing all of these dogs in cages so he decided to do something about it. While visiting Cyprus, Stuart ran into Kayte Wilson-Smith, a woman who has opened her house to 70 dogs.

Most of the dogs she houses are victims of abuse, they are either missing an eye or a leg, and are desperate for a home.  Stuart decided to photograph these dogs and show the world that there are a ton of animals out there that need our help.

You can donate to the Bay Tree Project here and help feed, shelter and get these dogs adopted. Check out some of these loving shelter dogs…
photographer shelter dogs

Fergus – He may be missing a leg but he’s full of love.

Posted on February 6, 2015 at 9:00am EDT
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