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Three Brothers Create Snow Sculptures That Will Blow Your Mind

Most people refuse to leave the home when the weather changes and the cold win blows in, but not this family. The Bartz clan go outside and create masterpieces when the temperature drops and snow begins to fall. The family live in Minnesota which means that they have plenty of opportunities to create these masterpieces. The families snow sculptures have been featured on the Today Show and if you live in MN you can visit their house and take pictures with their latest piecesCheck out some of there amazing sculptures from this winter:

amazing snow sculptures

This shark is over 16-feet high.

amazing snow sculptures

This walrus doesn’t need water to survive just cold weather and plenty of snow.

amazing snow sculptures

This turtle took over 300 hours to create!

amazing snow sculptures

Mrs. Puff would be proud of her likeness in this photo.

Images via: facebook

Posted on January 30, 2015 at 10:30am EDT
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Instagrammer of the Week: @adamsenatori

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