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10 Photo Ideas You’ll Love on Canvas – Turning Your Snapshots Into works of Art

If the idea of a photo canvas appeals to you, but you are not sure where to start and what to print, then perhaps these ideas can help you find inspiration.

1 – The first day of school. A great way to both decorate a home and commemorate an important milestone in your child’s life, a photo canvas of that all- important first day will become a cherished family heirloom that can be passed down.

2 – A wedding photo. Some of the most beautiful images that will ever be taken of us will be on our wedding day. The vast majority of these images will never see anything more than the inside of a photo album. Turning one into a photo canvas is a great way to memorialize the most important day of your lives.

3 – Newborn baby pictures. Someday, when they are all grown up, it will be hard to imagine them ever having been that little. A canvas print will keep that memory crisp and beautiful, so that you can look back any time that you want.

4 – Candid shots of the kids. All kids do goofy things. When you are lucky enough to capture them doing it with a camera, you have taken the first step towards making a work of art.

5 – Scenes from your honeymoon or vacation. Beautiful sunsets, impressive mountains, raucous colors and vivid memories all can be displayed on your walls, as a reminder of your family getaway, when you turn them into canvas prints.

6 – Sunrise or sunset. No artist’s brush has ever created a symphony of color as brilliant or unbelievable as a sunset. Canvas prints are a great way to display the vibrancy of the sun.

7 – Boring headshots. Everyone has pictures of loved ones that are nice, but not terribly interesting. Now take one of those shots and give it a pop art effect and the result can be impressive and beautiful on any wall.

8 – Landmarks. Having your own personal rendition of landmarks that you have visited, turned into canvas prints, is a great way to decorate any room.

9 – Hands and feet. There is just something about baby feet that no one can quite resist. Some of the best loved shots that parents have of their children chronicle their tiny hands and feet. Printed up in black and white, these can make for a truly poignant photo canvas.

10 – Anything that strikes your fancy! Any photo that is taken at a reasonable resolution is a candidate for being turned into a photo canvas, so pick your favorite and get started!

Posted on January 25, 2010 at 10:57am EDT
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