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Canvas Prints Make Great Birthday Gifts – Happy Birthday to Anyone!

Looking for the perfect way to wish a happy birthday to just about anyone? Not sure what to get for the guy or girl who “has everything”? Trying to find a gift that is just as special as the birthday guy or gal? Finding just the right gift can be a real challenge. Finding a balance between what someone has, what they might need and what they want can make it almost impossible to find a great present. Personalized gifts are always a good way to go and canvas photo prints make an excellent present and will be enjoyed for many years to come.

A photo canvas is a very versatile choice for a birthday gift. Whether you choose to have a photo of the birthday boy or girl themselves made into a canvas print or have a picture of a favorite place printed up for them, most people will enjoy receiving such a thoughtful gift. Canvas printing uses exceptionally high quality inks which are able to beautifully capture and render the colors in any high resolution photo. The inks are printed on a durable cotton canvas, which displays the ink perfectly, making light and texture come to life. The canvas is durable and UV protected, meaning that with proper care, this is one work of art that can last for generations.

Photo canvases can be made from practically any photo, and there are a number of great effects that can be applied to the photo, to really make it special. The picture you choose should have the most important subject matter at least two inches from every edge, as the image will be wrapped around the sides of the canvas. After that, the picture can be rendered in sepia tones, black and white or in enhanced color. If you are feeling more daring, you can also opt to have the picture printed in pop art style, making for a truly original canvas print.

Canvas prints are great and thoughtful gifts that are sure to be appreciated by any birthday boy or girl. Affordable and easy to create, your canvas printing project can be set up in a matter of minutes and ready to give in no time. You can have the print framed, or give it as is. However you choose to present your gift, it is sure to be well received and long remembered as one of the best gifts they ever got!

Posted on January 20, 2010 at 12:15pm EDT
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