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Great Wedding Gifts – Photo Portraits of Wedding Photos

Wedding gifts can sometimes feel a little routine. The bride and groom-to-be go and register at a few different places, send out registry cards, and the attendees choose something from the list to purchase (not that there’s anything wrong with this) After all they are a new married couple, and there’s a lot of stuff to buy when you’re starting a life together. But if you’re me and a lot of other people, you want to give something different. You’d like to give something that has some sentimental value, right?

Wedding photos make great gifts. No, really. You may be thinking, wait but they already have a wedding photographer. So what? That photographer can’t be every place at once. Though they’ll have beautiful pictures and great shots to give to the happy couple, there are also a lot of great shots they’ve missed. Everyone sees the world from their own perspective and you have a completely different perspective than that photographer. Take your camera to the wedding and snap away like crazy. Chances are you’ll get some great looking photos that the photographer wasn’t able to get. The very best picture from my wedding is one that a friend of mine took. It’s absolutely perfect. And the wedding photographer was nowhere in sight when it was taken. Go for it.

Why don’t you give them a photo portrait for their gift? I’ve been to a lot of weddings where they have a portrait of the couple (it can be candid or something more formal like an engagement picture) on the front table and the guests all sign the matte around the picture. People can give tidbits of advice or leave a message expressing their love. Even though this is a great memento, I’ve been to quite a few weddings where they didn’t have one of these. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have people sign it and give it to them as a surprise gift? They would have it forever and it would hold a little piece of sentiment from everyone who celebrated that special day with them.

I just thought of another idea. You could even use a childhood picture of each of them and mount them on the matte side by side. How cute would that be? Okay now my mind is running wild with possibilities for using wedding photos for creative wedding gifts. If you want to leave them with a lasting memory of their wedding day, consider using a wedding photo. Be creative and have fun choosing the wedding gifts.

Posted on March 1, 2010 at 2:41pm EDT
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