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10 Professional Photographer Tips – How to Take Great Pictures

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Just for fun or as a business, photography is a rewarding creative outlet. But how do you move from being a regular, run of the mill photographer to someone who can really capture the heart of whatever it is you may be photographing? For starters, seek out professional photography tips. Here are a few to get you started:

1) Digital or Film:  It depends. Digital is great because you can see the results right 
 away making it easy to fix your mistakes. You can also use programs like Photoshop to fix them up. Film takes a lot more skill and work. If you’re a pro, you may want to give it a try.

2) Plagiarize: That’s a joke. But in reality, definitely study other people’s work. Find styles you like and copy them while adding your own flare. Other people’s creative ideas will get your own creative juices flowing.

3) Your niche:  Shoot what you love. If you’re passionate about something, you will be so
 much better at photographing it than something you don’t really care about.

4) How to: Though the majority of us don’t read instruction manuals for the things we buy, you need to read it this time. It’s important to know your camera inside and out. The results will be greater knowledge and better pictures.

5) Perspective: We go through life seeing things mostly from our own perspective. In
photography this is a no- no. Shoot from different points of view. Get down to a child’s level, shoot up or lie on your belly. Be creative.

6) Be Generous: Shoot a ton of pictures. This is not the time to be conservative. Pick up
your camera and snap away (even the same picture multiple times from different angles. You’ll get some awesome shots by using this simple rule.

7) Simplicity: Keep your pictures simple. If you have too much going on, the beauty of your picture will be lost in the jumble.

8) Rule of 3rds: It doesn’t always need to be implemented but it’s a good rule to use.When focusing on your subject, mentally divide the frame into horizontal and vertical thirds. Where these lines intersect is where you should place your focal points.

9) Lighting: Pay attention to natural lighting. Make sure shadows aren’t looming over
someplace they shouldn’t be. Regarding light, the best times of the day to shoot will depend on your subject.

10) Photo Tips: Find as many Professional photography tips as you can. They have 
the experience and skills and are willing to share them.

Posted on March 1, 2010 at 2:48pm EDT
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