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How to Enhance Your Photos for Canvas Prints – Making Lasting Memories Even More Memorable

One of the hottest new trends in digital photography has absolutely nothing to do with what kind of camera or memory card you are using. More and more people are taking digital photos and having them turned into works of art, that are perfect for giving as gifts by having them made into canvas prints. In the past, the only time that you would see such personal images as canvas prints is if you had sat for a portrait with an artist. Costly and time consuming, this was not a luxury that most people would spend the money on. Today’s canvas printing is economical and easy, and a great way to turn your favorite snapshots into cherished works of art.

Turning a digital photo into a canvas print is a truly simple process. All that you need is a favorite digital image, and you are well on your way. You will want to choose a photo that was taken a decent resolution, so that it will be clean and crisp when you enlarge it to the size of your photo canvas. The best photos for this process are ones which do not have anything vital to the shot, as the edges of the photo will wrap around the canvas. Once you have the perfect photo picked out, you will be able to add special touches to it in order to make it just the piece of artwork that you are envisioning.

Canvas printing is not unlike other forms of digital photo printing, in that you can add certain special effects to the photo canvas. Fun options like turning your full color photo into a black and white or sepia art print are simple and easy, and can be achieved with just the click of a mouse. For the more adventurous, you can even turn your precious photo into a piece of pop art, with vibrant colors and textures added to the original shot, making it more artistic.

The bottom line is this: if you are looking for a new and innovative way to display some of your best digital photos, canvas printing is a great option. A canvas print is a work of art, and will have to durability to last for many, many years. Unlike photos that are printed on paper, and may discolor with age, a photo canvas that is properly cared for can be handed down from generation to generation, with little degradation to the image.

Posted on January 18, 2010 at 4:09pm EDT
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