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How to Take Beautiful Outdoor Photography – Capture Nature’s Glory


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I personally favor outdoor photography. Not that I don’t enjoy indoor photography but I guess I’m more of a nature person and I love the feel of outdoor pictures. Both amateurs and pros will agree that the vast array of options with the outdoors makes it very appealing. There’s so much freedom and the sky is the limit. A lot goes into taking your photographs outside. There is so much to consider because of the natural setting, you can’t always manipulate your surroundings. Since they’re so popular, three main types of photos I want to talk about are portraits, landscapes, and sunsets.

Portraits –

Outdoor photography is very different from what you do in a studio. One of the most important considerations for outdoors is contrast. For example: Take a photo of two children sitting on a bench in the sun while facing you. If you snap a picture of them and there’s something obstructing the sun, you’re going to create a huge contrast between the light and the dark areas. One of the problems with this is that people tend to look at brighter areas of the picture. This can make them miss out on the beauty of your primary subject. Try to get the subject in complete sunlight or complete shadow.

Landscapes –

Composition is imperative to the successful attempt at a beautiful landscape photograph.
By composition, I’m referring to how you put your picture together as a whole. This means paying attention to how you can get the light, background, foreground, frame, light, and subject work together. Do you even know what your subject is? Sometimes we see something beautiful and snap a picture. But without a subject, chances are the picture will not be very appealing. Choose a subject and pay attention to every detail of what you see through your lens when shooting outdoor photography.

Sunsets –

Who hasn’t seen a breath taking sunset and wished they could capture its beauty through the lens of a camera? Well don’t fret, you can do it. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. Two important factors to consider that will help you on your way to great outdoor photography (and photography in general) are timing and what’s in the air. The most magical pictures of sunsets are usually taken thirty minutes before the sun actually disappears, so make sure to be there during that time. And if there are clouds around, these add beautiful flavor to a photo.

Posted on March 1, 2010 at 2:38pm EDT
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